The children at Forest Grove Montessori share in a unique, carefully crafted, three year learning experience. The classroom focuses on these areas:


Practical Life: Practical Life materials offer children an opportunity to learn to care for themselves and their environment, to develop concentration, physical coordination and a sense of order. Activities such as preparing food, washing a table, hammering a nail and sewing are all real and meaningful work that call to the children to explore and to support the goal of functional independence.  

Sensorial: The Sensorial materials support the development of the child’s senses to understand the concrete and abstract experiences in their world. The material isolates the qualities of touch, sound, sight taste, and smell allowing the child to further their classification of the sensorial world.

Language Arts: The language materials support children’s developing skills in written and spoken language and in their ability to understand and be understood by others. The classroom is rich in opportunity for oral language development through conversation, stories, poetry and song. Using the language materials children link sound and symbol effortlessly, encouraging the development of written expression and reading skills.

Mathematics: The mathematics materials support mastery of numeracy, ability to perform math operations and to apply math skills in other settings. Children learn and understand math concepts using concrete materials they can manipulate and repeat.

Geography, Biology, Botany, Zoology, Art and Music: Arts and Sciences are woven into many parts of the classroom. Examples of subject material children learn about are continents, land forms, earth layers, the solar system, ecology, plant physiology, animal classification, historical time lines, clocks and use of calendar. Lessons from arts and sciences are tailored to give the children a local connection and global appreciation for human cultures and the natural world.

Practical Life : Flower Arranging

Practical Life: Flower Arranging